Laboratories Planing

Modular Laboratory Benches

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We offer, with our laboratory furniture system, with functional technology, discrete and timeless design and, last but not least, the quality of the most durable materials in conjunction with a precise manufacturing process, the best solution for highest payback for your investment ensuring that you are well equipped for the future.

Project Analysis and Definition

During the project planning phase each individual element is analysed in relation to existing rooms and use destination. The development of CAD 2D - 3D drawings and rendering presentations makes the customer able to define single details of execution.

After-Sales Service

We have developed a service structure that accompanies and assists the client throughout the entire lifetime of the laboratory. Specific preventive maintenance programmes ensure that work stations are efficiently maintained, thereby significantly extending their service life.


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All our products are made according to specific technical...




Modular Design

Starting from a 120 cm base and adding 60 cm modules

Great choice of work tops

Work tops in Porcelain, Moplen (polypropylene), High Pressure Laminate Duropal

Made in accordance with current international standards


Drawings and 3D floor plans

Three-dimensional CAD drawings which will make the plastic effect of the laboratory

Custom work benches

Realization of furniture also non-standard